Jan 7th, 2006

mammoth networks delivers dsl upgrade path to isps

Mammoth Networks has announced the company's wholesale DSL is developed and ready for Internet Service Providers. Mammoth offers wholesale DSL in the nine Western states, allowing ISPs and Virtual ISPs to deliver DSL to their customers as an upgrade path to broadband.

The company describes their ISP product as an upgrade path from traditional services such as dialup internet access. By offering DSL at wholesale, Mammoth enables ISPs to enter the broadband market, or expand their reach to cover a larger area of the country. The company's approach is unique, allowing ISPs to control all aspects of the customer's DSL, including ordering, provisioning, and access to the internet.

"You can say that Mammoth has empowered the ISP - they control the DSL line. We just operate the fiber," said Brian Worthen, who oversees product development at Mammoth.

Mammoth's customers, termed Partners by the company, can order DSL throughout the company's coverage area for delivery to the Partner's customer. These Partners may not have offered DSL to their customer base in the past, or may have started offering DSL to their customers on a limited basis. The wholesale approach offered by Mammoth allows their Partners to deliver broadband on a larger scale, without the worries of paying for their own DSL network.

This approach is different from the model usually followed by telecommunications companies, who must build the network first, then slowly add customers to pay for that same network. Partners of Mammoth enjoy being profitable with each group of customers they put on Mammoth's fiber.

Worthen went on to explain recent FCC rulings that decrease regulation for internet services have started swinging internet providers into a phase of increased market competition. Mammoth's wholesale product is primed for the increase in competition, keeping the cost of entry low for their ISP Partners.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services serving nine Western states. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for service providers. The privately-held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming.

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