Combine access technologies onto a single platform.

Mammoth helps you reduce the cost and complexity of pricing, purchasing and delivering local access to your End Users. Our Layer 2 aggregation model aggregates access circuits across multiple carriers and multiple LATAs to a single Network to Network Interface (NNI.)

Network Aggregation

Mammoth's aggregation model has standardized Ethernet delivery across multiple circuit types and technologies. Our network is capable of supporting products as current as Wave and products as old as Frame Relay and point-to-point T1s, all of which can be aggregated to a single NNI.

The ability to aggregate access technologies onto a single platform allows you to quickly expand into new markets without capital expenditure. Mammoth handles all equipment, points of presence and long-haul circuits to deliver your End User circuits to your NNI with Mammoth. This allows you to focus on your business while our staff manages carriers and their agreements, cross-connects and deployments.

You manage one provider. You receive one invoice. You call one number for support.

Mammoth wholesales NNI aggregation to:
  • ILECs
  • CLECs
  • Cable Companies and MSOs
  • Cellular Providers
  • Data Centers
  • National Carriers
  • PUDs and Electrical Utilities
  • Regional Fiber Providers
  • VoIP Providers and ITSPs