Mammoth Helps You Expand Your Footprint

Mammoth delivers extended reach outside your regional fiber network, aggregating Layer 2 circuits back to an NNI. This Layer 2 delivery provides you with full testing capabilities, an ability to drive your MPLS across a Mammoth circuit and an ability to provide coverage to your Enterprise clients regardless of their location. Mammoth's reach, tools and interconnects compliment your regional fiber network. We have standardized multiple Ethernet technologies onto a single platform that enables your sales and operations teams to deliver solutions with Mammoth as your one-stop shop. Mammoth’s sales engineers collaborate with your staff to arrive at the best solution for your client.

Mammoth is a wholesale operation that delivers a carrier-neutral WAN beyond your network borders. As a Regional Fiber Provider, you benefit from Mammoth's learning curve with multiple carriers and also Mammoth’s neutral approach to telecom.

Establish a Two-Way Connection with Mammoth

Regional Fiber Providers have an option with Mammoth to use an NNI as a two-way NNI. Not only can traffic reach the rural market through the new aggregation point, but Regional access loops can be marketed by Mammoth to our other wholesale Partners. With more than 40 two-way NNIs, Mammoth has the deepest rural reach in the Western US.

Regional Fiber Providers can present clients with options for connectivity outside your traditional coverage area, but integrate those sites as one network. You no longer need to pass up opportunity with your clients to solidify a long-term relationship.