Mammoth Collaborates with Your Community for Big Bandwidth

Rural communities are looking to improve access to affordable broadband and meet the ever-increasing need for big bandwidth. Mammoth works closely with your community to identify anchor tenants and their needs and then develop a model that enables you to bring affordability to your rural market. Using the collective buying power of your community results in lower costs, higher bandwidth and options for redundant routes in and out of your community. Mammoth approach to municipal broadband leads to improved service throughout your community and helps drive economic growth and viability for business retention.

Mammoth works with community anchors to leverage larger middle-mile circuits, delivering more bandwidth and realizing long-term cost savings. We have multiple carrier relationships, and leverage those to your benefit.

Mammoth has Proven Success

Mammoth has success developing municipal broadband and community broadband in Colorado and Wyoming. Mammoth has engineered solutions that include fiber placement in municipalities, lighting fiber between communities to provide a diverse route and negotiated bandwidth using wavelengths to rural communities.

Mammoth works with Local Technology Planning Teams, City and County governments and economic development agencies to bring rural communities up-to-date with the current market.